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March 9, 2009 at 12:00 am

Can you offer HELP – 2 possible ways?  
Website Training: I’ve shared a couple of times that we’ve upgraded our website; that includes administering the updates through WordPress.  I’ve worked with the program for about 2 months now and it would certainly help if I had someone to spend 1-2 hours with me, showing me practical applications of including some of the info I want to post on the website.  If you have experience and would be able to help out – or if you know someone who has experience in WordPress, I certainly would appreciate if you might be able to help me increase my proficiency.  You can contact me through email or phone (923-1160).
Partners’ Network meetings: time is so valuable for all of us and we have to make many strategic decisions on how we spend our time.  I want any time spent with Youth Count meetings to be of value and importance to you.  Please share with me what items/info/action would bring you to the table and have you feel that your time is well spent and/or that you’ve gained useful tools and resources.  I’d appreciate any emails with this info; additionally I will be making phone follow-up calls to get feedback from some of you.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Asset Building in the Family
This past weekend my family was traveling.  But this time the 4 of us were in 3 different states.  My daughter and I enjoyed a girl’s weekend in a cabin in Nashville, IN with my sisters, mom and aunt.  My husband drove his father over 1,300 miles round trip through Arkansas and Missouri.  My son is enjoying a few days on the beach and scuba diving in Florida. Why is it the 24 year old kid gets to have the coolest trip?  That’s another blog.

My husband’s mission was to fulfill his dad’s desire to visit an uncle and take possession of a gun that belonged to his grandfather.  They took lots of detours on the way back. He humored his dad by driving by some of the old haunts that he grew up around.  During his childhood my father-in-law (FIL) took a bus from New Albany to Rolla, Missouri after school ended and spent his summers with Aunt Wilma and Uncle Arthur.  As they traveled Missouri back roads, father-in-law spun stories as they drove by where the pool hall stood, Uncle Lonzo’s gas station, 2 cemeteries, Aunt Ethel’s farm, Montauk State Park and the area where FIL was born.  My FIL acknowledges that Uncle Arthur was like a father to him.  That Missouri for the summer was where he felt most loved and nurtured.  Okay, he wouldn’t say those exact words – that would be too touchy feely. But he has very fond memories of those summers and the people he spent them with.

But being in the “community impact” business that I am- I see that FIL received a good number of the 40 Developmental Assets through his relationship with his aunt and uncle and the extended family in Missouri.  He experienced love and support, caring neighbors, and encouraging environment from his summer trips to Missouri. The 40 Assets are an array of experiences, attitudes and behaviors that help young people make good choices.  The more assets a person has the greater their chances for a successful life.

Chances are you are an asset builder too and just don’t think in that language.  You build assets when you teach Sunday School or coach soccer or are a scout leader.  You also build assets in less formal settings.  When your child takes a friend with you to the movies and you call that friend by name and show an interest in them – that is building assets.  When you patronize the youth car wash you let them know you value their activities you build assets. When you treat a youth with respect and make sure the cashier knows they were next you build assets.  See how easy this is.  It is every day actions like these that work toward our vision – that our community will be the most vital caring community in the nation. It can work in flipped direction also – my husband can build assets in his dad by investing 3 days driving, listening and spending time with his dad.

…Jan, Metro United Way (a founding partner in Youth Count)

SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER – See the Resources & Opportunities page to check out the many summer activities available for children and teens. As the Youth Count Community Celebration draws nearer, I am seeking volunteer assistance for final preparation for the luncheon. 


Thursday, March 12, 4:30 – 5:30 only (due to other activities occurring at Our Lady of Perpetual Help) – I need several individuals to help set up approximately 40 tables (light weight plastic) and 225 chairs (again, light weight plastic). 

Friday, March 13, 9:00 – 10:30 – I certainly could use help with the decorating, placing table covers, etc.

If you are willing and available, please let me know when you are able to help.  Your assistance is truly appreciated. 

… and if you have not sent your registration but would still like to attend, the basic details include: 

Friday, March 13, 12:00 – 1:15 PM (networking 11:30 – 12:00) at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, 1752 Scheller Lane in New Albany.  Registration DEADLINE EXTENDED to Monday, March 9.  You can email your registration to me.  The $5 per adult can be mailed after that date.  Middle & High School students can accompany you for FREE – I just need their names.  New Albany Floyd County School students will receive an excused absence for this event.  Kerri Cokeley from Metro United Way will give a personal testimony about how adults built assets for her and our keynote speaker is Jamey Aebersold – always a delight.

Thank you for your consideration.




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