About Us

Youth Count is a community movement – a change in attitude – in which EACH of US work to ensure that we provide the best foundation for our children and youth by ensuring that all kids experience the Five Promises, as defined by America’s Promise Alliance:

1. Caring Adults
2. Safe Places
3. Effective Education
4. Healthy Start
5. Opportunities to Serve

NAFCS Wash DC TripNew Albany Floyd County School students explore Washington D.C. *

Youth Count educates community members: individuals, businesses, civic and faith-based organizations, government, youth programs – in other words the entire community, about how each of us can be a part of ensuring that our youth receive these fundamental resources.

The primary framework for this work is the 40 Developmental Assets  ™.

YOU can be a partner in providing positive experiences, attitudes and behaviors that make up the 40 Assets.  Your actions can be formal or informal, spontaneous or planned, long-term or short-term.  You just have to be willing and ready to connect with youth whenever and wherever you get the opportunity.

WHY is it important for you to be involved?  Read some of the findings from a survey of nearly 3,000 of our students.  If you find any of these results disturbing or unacceptable, then THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HELP MAKE A CHANGE!

* Photos depict how various local community schools, organizations, individuals, and youth programs provide opportunities for youth and are not intended to represent Youth Count activities.

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