Monthly Tribune/Evening News Column

A Youth Count column is published in the Spectrum section one Sunday per month.  The actual week of publication varies although the column typically runs on the last Sunday of the month.  We appreciate the partnership and support of The Evening News/Tribune and Editor Shea Van Hoy.  

Review the various columns by clicking below.

January 2014:  “Youth Gain through Giving”

Mt Tabor donation to Leukemia & Lymphoma SocMt. Tabor Elementary School provides opportunities for students to serve others.

Photos depict how various community schools, organizations, individuals, and youth programs provide opportunities for youth and are not intended to represent Youth Count activities.

December 2013:  “What Kind of Gift Will You Give?”

November 2013: “Speaking Through Actions”

October 2013: “Bullying: We all need to help end it.”

September 2013: “What’s Out There for a Kid to Do?”

August 2013: Meaningful Adult Relationships

July 2013: Back to the Basics

May 2013: Message from Youth

April 2013: What Kind of Role Model Are You?

March 2013: Youth Development “Cheers & Jeers”

February 2013: The Best Time to Practice Youth Development

July 2012: Military Kids – A Different Kind of Special Needs

June 2012: Healthy Children: Smoking!

May 2012: Building Self-Esteem

April 2012: Walk the Talk

March 2012: We the People …

January 2012: Young People Are Assets

December 2010: Building Assets at Christmastime

November 2010: Veteran’s Day, Young People & Assets

October 2010: Building Character

September 2010: Accentuate the Positive

August 2010: Starting School on the Right Foot

July 2010: Valuing Our Young People

June 2010 “It’s Summer! What is there to do?”

May 2010 “Asset Building and School Transitions”

April 2010 “Asset Building Works!”

March 2010 “WHO, WHAT, WHERE?”

Februry 2010 “Reading: a True Treasure”

January 2010: “Resolutions”

December 2009: “Service to Others”

November 2009: “Asset # 3: Other Adult Relationships”

October 2009: “Grandparents as Asset Builders”

September 2009: Positive Family Communication

August 2009 “Building Assets: What can YOU do?”

July 2009 “Restraint + Resistance = Responsible Decisions”

June 2009 “Consequences & Responsibility”

April 2009 “Asset Building – A Quick Start”

March 2009 “Advocate for Your Child”

February 2009 “Who Are the Asset Builders?”

January 2009 “Young People and Finances”

December 2008 “Name It & Claim It”

November 2008 “Thankful – Very!”

October 2008 “Positive Peer Pressure: WOW or WHOA”

September 2008 “Family Day – Make It Every Day”

August 2008 “Building Assets: Simple Ways to Help Your Family Thrive

July 2008 “I Can … the Attitude Kids Need”

June 2008 “It’s Summer & I Don’t Have Anything to Do”

May 2008 “There’s Nothing to Do for Kids, or Is There?”

April 2008 “More About: Asset Builders Change Lives”

May 2008 “There’s nothing to do for kids. Or is there?”

March 2008 “Asset Builders Change Lives”

February 2008 “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

January 2008 “Grandparents – What a Gift!”

December 2007 “Thank You for Giving Our Youth the Gift of Asset Building”,

November 2007 “Building Positive Identity in Our Youth”

October 2007 ” Social Competencies”

September 2007 “Positive Values”

August 2007 “Back to the Basics: Why are we concerned about Asset Building?”

July 2007 “Countdown to the Start of School: Commitment to Learning”

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