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Miss Elf 4

A very caring Miss Elf entertains military kids at the National Guard Armory *

Bringing our community together to create the best possible foundation for our young people is the most strategic action we can take to ensure the success of our youth, our community, and our future.

Regardless of age, gender, background, or ethnicity, EVERYONE can be involved. Seeing individuals from all walks of life: education, business, youth programs, civic organizations, faith-based organizations, homemakers, retirees, and others, is an exciting, energizing experience. Our common goal: the welfare of Southern Indiana’s young people.

You can begin by simply taking the time to smile and say hello when you encounter young people. Engage in conversations and activities, volunteer to help with a youth activity at school or church, donate to support youth programs.  Become a mentor.

If you wish to obtain additional information about Youth Count, please contact me at 812-923-1160 or via email at

Make this a great day as you intentionally and consistently continue to build and strengthen relationships with the young people in your life.

Best Wishes,

Barbara Bridgwater


Barb headshot 

*Photos depict how various local community schools, organizations, individuals, and youth programs provide opportunities for youth and are not intended to represent Youth Count activities.

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  • 1. Cindy House  |  December 6, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    How can I apply to help and assist?


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