February 15, 2014




Amy Adams – Our Place, Inc.  www.ourplaceinc.og

Jennifer Adams – Family & Children’s Place

MeriBeth Adams Wolf – Our Place Drug & Alcohol Education Services

Michelle Adams

Jamey Aebersold

Susan Albert – Christian Academy of Indiana

Jane Alcorn

Mary Allgood

Michelle Allen – Clark County Communities In Schools

Krystal Angevine – Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services

Wini Arledge – Christ Gospel Church

Beth Armstrong – Youth First of Washington County

Carol Atnip – Educational Consultant

Laura Fleming Balmer – Clark County Youth Shelter

Becky Banet – NAFCS

Brenda Bankston – Big Brothers Big Sisters Kentuckiana

Kay Barbour – Christian Academy of Indiana

Deedra Bartle – Clark County Youth Shelter

John Barksdale

Beth Barnes – Mt. Tabor School

Deedra Bartle – Clark County Youth Shelter

Maria Baumgartner – Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana

Pam Baumann – NAFCS

Tammie Beamer

Kevin Becht – Youth for Christ

Karen Bell

Dawn Bennett – One Southern Indiana

Mary Ann Bennett – Ivy Tech Community College

Jennifer Best

Whitney Bishop – Southern Indiana Asset Buildin Coalition

Ann Bloomfield – You Only Live Once

Judith Bloor – Home of the Innocents

Aleah Boofter – Green Valley Elementary School

Linda Bourne – Info Link of Southern Indiana

Terri Boutin – S. Ellen Jones Elementary School

Mary Ann Braden – “in memory of a supporter of  youth”

Emma Bradley – Church of God & Christ

Brent Bramer – Northside Christian Church

SSG David Bridgwater – Indiana Army National Guard

Anne Brown – Washington County YMCA

Melissa Brown – Jefferson County Schools

Sarah Brown

Lyall Browning – Family & Children’s Place

Sarah Bucy – Regional Youth Services

Scott Burch – Mt. Tabor School

John Buford – Boys & Girls Club/Jeffersonville

Emilie Byrd – 1 Southern Indiana

Angie and Allen Cannon

Jillian Cantu – NAFCS

Meaghan Cash

Katherine Cheever

Mark Clark – Floyd Central High School

David Clifton – Ivy Tech Community College

Meredith Clipp-Rodriquez – YMCA of Southern Indiana

Linda Codey – Family Health Center of Floyd County

Judge Terry Cody – Floyd County Circuit Court

Kerri Cokeley – Clark Memorial Hospital Foundation

Amy Compton – Floyds Knobs Elementary

Karen Cook – American Red Cross

Pam Cotton – New Hope Services

Claire Coopage

Jennifer Court – Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

Laura Cox

Claudia Crump – Center for Cultural Resources

Melissa Cummings – Metro United Way

Dani Cummins – Falls of the Ohio

Stephen Cunningham – New Albany Floyd County Schools Education Foundation

Chris Daniels – Boys & Girls Club/Story Ave.

Jackie Dant – Junior Achievement of Kentuckians

Mikki Davenport

Qudsia Davis – Prosser Vocational School

Michele Day – NAFCS

Michele Dayvault

Rebecca Dejarnatt – Office of Youth Development City of Louisville

Chet Deich – Educational Support Center

Scott Dejong – Graceland Baptist Church

Leslie Devries – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

Dan Dickey – NAPD/Scribner SRO

Rebecca Didelot – Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services

Carla Dolan – Rauch, Inc.

Lisa Donahue – New Albany Housing Authority

Donna Downing – Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana

Doug Drake – Personal Counseling Service

Julie Dreggers

Ronda Eiler – New Albany Floyd County Parks & Recreation

Charles Elder – Hazelwood Middle School

Colleen Endres – Melhiser Endres Tucker CPA’s

Lois Engebretson

Mayor Doug England – City of New Albany

Michelle Engle – NAFCS

Natalie Engle

Amanda Enteman – New Albany Floyd County Public Library Children’s Dept

Lori Eskridge – New Albany Floyd County Public Library

Felicia Essing – Our Place Inc

Carolyn Evans – Indiana Vocational Rehab

Natalie Evans – Goodwill Industries

Debbie Farmer

Marilyn Faulkenburg – Ivy Tech

Danny Ferguson – Our Place Inc

Marta Fetterman – YouthPRO

Jerry Finn – Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County

Jill Finn – Slate Run Elementary School

Kevin Flispart

Elines Flores – Salvation Army

Barbara Burke Fondren – Community Montessori

Linda Franke – Christian Academy of Indiana

Sarah Frye

Janet Fulton – Fulton 180

Betty Gabbart – Personal Counseling Service

Rebecca Gardenour – NAFCS Board of Trustees

Crystin Gates

Melissa Gatton – S. Ellen Jones Elementary

Katherine Goodknight – Scribner Middle School

Tara Gootee-Allen – Blue River Services

Judge Maria Grangier

Valerie Grigsby

Cathy Graninger – Communities in Schools Clark County

Meara Grannan – St. Elizabeth’s – Catholic Charities

Greater Louisville Youth for Christ

Celia Gregory – Hazelwood Middle School

Steve Griffin – Highland Hills Middle School

Valerie Grigsby

Jean Groskreutz

Arts Council of Southern Indiana

Andrew Grote

Yvonne Grundy

Cherie Guilford – CMR Services Group

Mary Beth Hackman – New Albany High School

Roxanne Haley – The Salvation Army

Kirk Hamsley – Floyd Central High School

Christine Harbeson – Interfaith Community Council

Sandra Harper

Steve Harris – New Albany Police Dept/New Albany High School SRO

Don Harshey

Sara Hauselman – Rock Creek Community Academy of Indiana

Chrystal Hawkins – Lincoln Foundation

Jessy Haywood – Center for Women & Families

Nick Hebert – Miles for Merry Miracles

Teresa Hebert – H2 Promo

Sonya Hedge – About Special Kids

Tracy Heighchew – The Ogle Center

Caroline Heine – Boys & Girls Club Kentuckiana

Keith Henderson – Floyd County Prosecutor

Anne Hendricks – Christian Academy of Louisville

Michelle Hendrickson – Regional Youth Services

Jennifer Herschfield – IUS

Janna Hocker – Governor’s Commission for a Drugfree Indiana

Debra Hoffer – Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana

Tina Hood – Boys & Girls Club/Story Ave

Sandy Hottell – Harrison County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

Kerri Howard – Arcadia Center

Cora Huffines – New Albany Housing Authority

Betty Hughes – YMCA Boys & Girls Club

Liz Huntington-Moskos – IU Southeast School of Nursing

Julie Hutson – Georgetown Elementary

Bruce Ivany

Teresa Jackson – Home of the Innocents

Annissa Jacobi – Highland Hills Middle School

Roger Jeffers – NAFC Parks & Recreation

Elaine Jenkins – Shephard of the Hills Preschool

Larissa Jerke – Scribner Middle School

Rebecca Jetton – NAFCS

Debbie Jinks – Community Montessori

Judy Johnson – Washington County Community Foundation

Scott Johnson  – YMCA

Shannon Johnson – NAFCS

Eddie Jones – Floyd County Youth Shelter

Jason Jones – Floyd County Police Dept/Highland Hills SRO

James Kaczmarek – New Albany High School

Carol Kannapel – Interfaith Community Council, Inc.

Cindy Kanning – Consultant in Corporate Communications & Marketing

Jim Kanning – IUS Career Services

Connie Keith – Floyd County ATOD Task Force

Karyn Keller – Southern Indiana INK

James Keown – Fairmont Elementary School

Paul Kichler – Goodwill Bridgepointe Services

Pam Kiger – Salvation Army

Stephen Kiger – Salvation Army

Becky King – Floyd County Community Alliances to Promote Education (CAPE)

Jana Kixmiller – Lifespring

Vince Klein – Green Valley Elementary School

Sherry Knotts

Ruth Koerner – New Albany Floyd County Library

Donna Koopman

Whitney Koopman

Ruth Koerner – New Albany Floyd County Library

Josh Kornberg

Steve Kozarovich – The Tribune

Rachel Kynoff – IU Southeast

Todd Lancaster –

Bob Lane – New Albany Housing Authority

Rob Lanon – Boys & Girls Club/38th Street

Joe LaRocca – YMCA New Albany

Melody Lawson

SSG John Lindsey – Indiana Army National Guard

Ritchie Logsdon – Boys & Girls Club/Jeffersonville

Bev Lozier – Adventures in Learning

Jackie Love – Greater Clark County Schools

Jamal Love – First Neighborhood Place at Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Dan Lowe – Blue River Services

Brian Lowry – Ready for Life

Deniece Loyd – Loyd Consulting

Ray Lucas – Your Community Bank

Mitzi Lyon – Grace Lutheran Church

Larry Mand – IUS

Rita McCord – Washington County

Nancy McCoskey – Guerin Inc.

Heather McDonald – Edinburgh Community Schools

Natalie McGarvey – New Albany High School

Teri McKay –  Early Childhood Development

Ron McKulick – Southern 7 Workforce Investment

Laura McGuirk – New Albany High School

Evelyn McPherson – Blue River Services

Miranda Mehon

Melissa Merida – Floyd County 4-H

Larry Michalczyk – YouthPRO

Louise Michalczyk – NAFCS

Sheila Carey Miles – LifeSpring

Danielle Miller – Regional Youth Services

Robin Miller – Louisville Science Center

Robin Miller – Youth Services Bureau

Susan Miller – Rock Creek Community Academy of Indiana

Sheriff Darrell Mills – Floyd County Sheriff

Kristin Milosovich – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

Debi Minnich – Floyd Memorial Hospital &  Health Services

Scott Mitchell – New Albany High School

Roger Moody – Community Montessori

Colita Moore – YMCA

Patrick Mudd –

Brandilyn Muir

Rhonda Mull – NAFCS

Diane Murphy – Your Community Bank

Gloria Murray – IU Southeast – School of Education

Jessica Newkirk – Floyd Central High School

Sally Newkirk – Carnegie Center

Janeen Niehaus – Floyd County Community Corrections

Gloria Nunier – S. Ellen Jones Elementary

Jennette Nunnelly

Jeremy Oliver – Christ Gospel Church

Misty Oliver – Christ Gospel Church

Eric O’Malle

Judge Susan Orth – Floyd County Superior Court

Debra Owens – Prosser Vocational

Faye Owens – Lincoln Foundation

Janet Page – New Albany High School

Michele Page – Highland Hills Middle School

Susan Parr – Brandon’s House

Beth Pattison – IU Southeast

Teresa Perkins

Leah Pezzarossi – Floyd County Youth Services Bureau

Penny Pfau – Child Protective Services

Aaron Phillips – Ivy Tech

Renee Pierce – Center for Women & Families

Gary Pinkston – IU Southeast School of Education

Patricia Pinkston – Mt. Tabor Elementary

Dr. Shifa Podikunju-Hussain – Indiana University Southeast

Libby Pollard – Jeffersonville Township Public Library

Lindsay Porter – Ed Endres Boys & Girls Club

Michelle Portwood – General Mills

Sally Price – Bridgepointe Services

Cheryl Prusinski – New Albany High School FORTE

Judy Quick – Floyd County Head Start

Gool Randalia – Ivy Tech

Lisa Ray – Grant Line Elementary

Lynn Reker – Regional Youth Services

Susie Reis – Hazelwood Middle School

Jennifer Rembold

Bob Reynolds – Southern Indiana Asset Building Coalition

Rudy Rice – NAFCS

Melissa Richards – Greenville Elementary

Amber Ridings – YMCA

Kyle Ridout – The Ogle Center

Susan Ridout – IUS – School of Education

Sherri Risse

Whitney Roberts – Prosser Vocational

Whitney Rogge – Georgetown Elementary School

Lillian Rose – Hispanic Connection

Ed Rosen – Goodwill Industries & Bridgepointe Services

Amy Roth – Legal Volunteers Judicial District 14

Chris Rowe – Juvenile Probation

Iris Rubadue – Family & Children’s Place

Amy Ruff

Terry Ruff

Chrystal Russell – Junior Achievement

Jo Russell – EON – US

Brittany Rutledge

Katharine Sadler – Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Bernadette Sadlo – Goodwill Industries & Bridgepointe Services

David Sakel

Sandra Samsel – Scribner Middle School

Michele Sanchez –  Indiana Youth Institute

Rita Sasse – Floyd County Youth Shelter

Kelly Saydera – The Salvation Army

Amanda Schamel – New Albany Housing Authority

Karen Schindler – Usbourne Books

Amy Schneidau – Clark County Youth Shelter

Cynthia Schultz – Courier-Journal

Geradine Schultze – NAFCS

Carolyn Selfridge

Salim Shahid – Boys & Girls Club/38th Street

Vicki Sheppard – Educational Support Center

Brianne Sherrell

Jan Sherrell – Metro United Way

John Shine – Samtec, Inc.

Dennis Shireman – Youth for Christ

Rita Shourds – Ivy Tech

Crystal Simmons – YMCA

Andrew J. Smith

Billy Sue Smith – 21st Century Scholars

Judy Smith – YMCA

Stephanie Smith

Kortnie Soladine

Julia Spalding – FSSA

Tom Springstun – Floyd County Extension Office

Lisa Carter Stark – IUS

Pauletta Stewart – New Albany High School

Shilese Stover – Boys & Girls Club/Jeffersonville

Rene Strause – Hazelwood Middle School

Jeff Stumph – Youth for Christ

Jason Sturgeon

Brenda Swartz – IU Southeast School of  Business – Regional Economic Development Resource Center

John Taylor – Family & Children’s Place

Anna Thomas

Janet Thomas – Abrakadoodle

Marla Thomas

Houston Thompson – Olivet Nazarene University

Jette Thompson – Scribner Middle School

Mark Truman – Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services

Catherine Turcotte – Leadership Southern Indiana

Jenna Vigar

Liz Vissing – St. Elizabeth’s

Kaitlin Vogt – New Albany Housing Authority

Ken Wade – Prosser Vocational

Mike Waiz – Community Foundation of Southern Indiana

Desmond Walls – Boys & Girls Club/Jeffersonville

Angel Walsh

Jessica Waters – NAFCS

Mary Watkins – New Hope Services

Amber Weininger

Melissa Weissinger – Community Foundation of Southern Indiana

Brian Wickens – ROCK Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana

Bill White

Marie White – Ivy Tech Library

Jennifer Wilcox – Wilcox Consulting

Phyllis Wilkens – American Red Cross Clark County

Chad Wilkin – Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church

Laura Wilkins – Carnegie Center

Amelia Williams – Rauch, Inc

Rev. Ben Williams – Mt. Nebo Baptist Church

Whitney Williams – Neighborhood House

Vicki Williamson – ProMedia Group

Lee Ann Wiseheart – S.U.R.F.

Joe Witten – New Albany Housing Authority

Linda Wuertz – Floyd County Head Start

Jessica Yi – Hazelwood Middle School

Deborah Zehnder

Marcie Zeimer – Prevent Child Abuse Clark & Floyd County

Will Zochlein – Arcadia Center

* NAFCS = New Albany Floyd County Schools

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